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When it comes to choosing a nursery for your child, instinct plays a big part. However, while going with your gut is great, it’s also vital that you do your own research. One of the best ways to do this is by asking the right questions when you tour the nursery. Here’s our lowdown on the key questions every parent should ask before making that all-important decision.

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery: Security

How are the gates at the nursery monitored?

Is there CCTV throughout the nursery?

How are visitors registered when visiting the nursery? For example, are visitors required to sign in a book?

Is there a finger-print system for staff?

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery: Safety

Do all members of staff have first aid training?

Do all members of staff know what to do in case of an emergency evacuation?

Have the staff been trained in safeguarding, and are they aware of the correct polices and procedures in terms of child protection?

Where are the toys sourced from and do the toys meet European safety requirements?

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery: Curriculum

What is the curriculum offered at the nursery?

How is the lesson planning done?

Are all toys age appropriate and dictated by the curriculum?

How are the toys used to enhance the learning experience?

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery: Feedback

Do parents regularly receive feedback and how does it come? For example, is there a daily diary?

If so, what information is included in a daily diary? For example, does the report detail how much your child has slept, how many nappy changes they have had and how their mood has been?

Is the teacher available to give one-on-one feedback if necessary?

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery: Support for parents

Are there any activities parents can get involved with at the nursery, such as storytelling sessions with the children?

Is there an open-door policy, where parents can come and visit their children during the day if they wish

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery: Is the nursery inclusive

If you have a child with additional needs, is that nursery going to be suitable for them?

Are children from different learning styles, such as visual, auditory or kinesthetic catered for?

Are shadow teachers available for children with additional needs?

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery: Facilities and classrooms

Where do the children spend most of their time when at the nursery? For example, are they in the classroom all day or do they go outside?

Are there common areas where the children can play?

Does the nursery have energy-releasing areas, such as a jungle gym?

Does the nursery encourage learning through reading? If so, how many books do the children read, or have read to them, a day?

What sort of books are read at the nursery?

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery: Extra curricular activities

Does the nursery offer extracurricular activities?

If extracurricular activities are available, how much do they cost?

Are the extracurricular based on site or are the children taken to another location?

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery: Staff

What are the credentials of the teaching staff?

How many of the staff are fully-qualified in childcare?

What is the staff-to-child-ratio in a class?

Does the nursery do background checks before hiring staff?

Are all staff required to show up-to-date references from previous employers?

Does the nursery offer internal training to staff?

What is the staff turnover?

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery: Hygiene

How often are the bathrooms cleaned on a daily basis? (Bathrooms should be cleaned a minimum of three times a day with a thorough clean at the end of the day.)

Which products are used when cleaning the nursery? (Ask to see the Data Sheet so that you can view the list of chemicals in the cleaning products used.)


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