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Newborns change almost in front of your eyes, so it’s natural that when bringing a new baby home, you want to capture those moments with beautiful newborn photography. Unfortunately in great swathes of the UK it’s simply not an option to have a newborn photoshoot. But don’t despair because while a professional photographer might be out of the question, you can still get some amazing shots yourself. Here are 5 tips for photographing your newborn.

1. Tips for photographing your newborn: Take pictures in the first two weeks

Timing is everything and if you want to capture those adorable sleepy moments then you’ll want to take photos within the first two weeks. After that babies start to become more alert (read as fussy!) which will certainly play havoc if you’re planning to pose bub with props. If you’re relatively okay after birth, you can also try to get some pictures on your phone while baby is napping. This is the perfect time for those classic wrinkly skin pics.

2. Tips for photographing your newborn: Swaddle baby snugly

Babies love to be swaddled snugly because it gives them a feeling of safety, not dissimilar to how they feel in the womb. Just be careful not to do it too tightly – you should be able to place two to three fingers between your baby’s chest and the blanket and the blanket should be looser around the hips. If you get the swaddle right baby will be comfortable and contained (perfect combo!) which means you can get some great snaps.

3. Tips for photographing your newborn: Keep poses simple

You might be imagining the ‘womb pose’ or bub resting angelically with head in hands, but it’s important to remember that professional newborn photographers spend years perfecting techniques to get those kind of shots. If you’re doing it yourself at home, keep it simple with baby’s natural positions. If you do want to try poses, go for something straightforward. For example, wait until bub is sleeping and then gently raise their arms above their head. This is an adorable pose that’s easy to achieve.

4. Tips for photographing your newborn: Turn up the heat

Keeping baby warm is a great way to ensure they don’t get fussy. A cold baby will not sleep well through a photosoot so try to keep the room warm and toasty.

5. Tips for photographing your newborn: Have props ready

You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on props to add texture to your shots. Instead, have a root about at home for items. Moses baskets always work well in newborn shoots, as do baby blankets (both items that you’ll almost certainly have in the nursery). You can also use props such as baby milestone cards, which, if you’re really thrifty, can be made at home.

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