Eight potty training tips for toddlers

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Eight potty training tips for toddlers: Potty training is both exciting and daunting. You get to say farewell to nappies (yay!), but the course of accident-free days never did run smooth. Of course, potty training is different for every child and there is no set formula for success. But there are a few things you can do to smooth the bumps in the road. Here we talk you through 12 potty training tips

Don’t rush potty training

There is no ideal age to begin potting training because all children are different, so be patient! If your little one is ready it could be as quick as two-to-three days. If they’re not ready, it could take two-to-three weeks (or much longer!).

Talk about poo during potty training

At nappy changing time talk to your child about what you’re doing. Say things like, ‘look, you’ve done a pee,’ or, ‘look, you’ve done a poo’. Creating an association between words and action is the first step to them knowing how to tell you.

Timing is everything

Get into the habit of sitting them on the potty every night before their bath. As the water runs their bladder will respond.

Incentivize your toddler

To encourage your tot to leave nappies behind, buy some cute little pairs of pants and show them what they’ll be wearing when diaper days are over. It’s amazing how excited little ones are about wearing pants for the first time.

 Be prepared for accidents

Pick a time to potty train when you know you can be based at home for a few days. You will have fewer accidents when your child is in their own environment. If you do feel the need to go out, arrange a play date at a friend’s house. That way you can bring the potty with you and avoid disrupting the new routine.

Reward them

For children under three it’s all about instant gratification, so keep a jar of mini treats, such a teeny cookies or stickers on hand, and give a treat every time they use the potty successfully.

Talk to other mums

Getting advice from other mums who’ve ‘been there, done that’ is a great way to start the process. We came across this great article with potty training tips by parents and parenting experts.

Top potty training tip: Never ask

Try not to ask your child if they need a pee. Their answer will almost always be ‘no’ in the early stages. Instead, give a gentle reminder like ‘remember to tell mummy when you want to go for a pee.’ You can also set a timer so you know the rough time that they might need to go.

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