The First Days Peri Bottle allows you to clean your perineal area easily and gently after the delivery of your baby. It will also help to dilute the urine when you pee and prevent the associated stinging. Personal care is vital for new mothers, and the First Days Peri Bottle helps to prevent infection and speed up recovery.


LARGE 650ml capacity – no need to refill during use.

Directions For Use

Fill with lukewarm water and replace wand.

Cover the silver valve (at the bottom of the bottle) with your finger before turning upside down.

Whilst sitting on the toilet, position the nozzle near to the perineal area and uncover the valve to start the flow of water.

Water will flow gently, or you can squeeze the bottom for a stronger flow.

If you wish to stop the flow, re-cover the valve.

Wash your peri bottle regularly with soapy water.

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