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When it comes to postpartum recovery there is no one size fits all solution. Childbirth is difficult so you can’t expect to heal overnight. Added to this is the fact that every delivery is different and your recovery will depend on a variety of things; whether you had a vaginal delivery or a C-Section, whether you had any tearing or grazing, whether you experienced any injuries (such a broken tailbone), and whether you’re likely to get adequate rest during the postpartum period (unlikely for second/third/fourth-time mums etc). That said, these factors aside there are a few things you can do to help speed up your recovery. For the purposes of this blog, we’ve concentrated on healing for vaginal deliveries and will tackle advice for C-Section mums in our next blog.


1. Keep yourself clean ‘down there’

We don’t mean sterile – that’s impossible, but keeping your lady bits (in particular your perineum) clean will help you to avoid infections, which can slow down the healing process. How do you do this?

A) Take a herbal sitz bath. We recommend Mum Bub Hub Postpartum Bath Soak, which is full of all sorts of healing herbs including lavender, witch hazel and chamomile.

B) Wear big pads. Our favourites are Natracare Maternity Pads, made with Organic Cotton.

C) Wear maternity pants to keep your pad in place. A good option is Mum Bub Hub Disposable Maternity Pants, which provide extra padding and support.

D) Use a peri bottle. This amazing invention will not only keep you clean but it’s a God send for that first wee, which is always a bit eye watering. We can’t say enough good things about the First Days Maternity Peri Bottle, so pop it on your hospital bag list. All of these products are available in our Arrival Survival Postpartum Care Kit.

2) Stock up on healing medications and ointments

From nipple balms to perineum creams, there are a variety of potions you can include in your postpartum care kit. While you don’t want to get hijacked by every single product available, there are a few must-haves. Our picks our Nessa Organics Nipple SOS to ease you into breastfeeding, as well as Natural Birthing Company Bottoms Up Spray to help sooth stitches, grazes and any discomfort after the first poo (ouch!).

3) Keep hydrated

On the subject of the first poo, another way to help you, is to stay hydrated, especially towards the end of pregnancy, as this will help to prevent constipation. Plenty of water and a high-fibre diet is essential. For more things no one tells you about your body after childbirth, click here.

4) Take care of yourself

It sounds simple enough but this is the one thing that new mothers are so bad at, so we want to say it again (loud and clear) TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Make sure you get plenty of rest, nutrition, and exercise. We also recommend taking a good quality prenatal vitamin, because it will give you a boost in nutrition, especially if you’re nursing.

5) Keep your doctors visits

It’s so easy to put off your postpartum appointment, especially when you’re up all night with a newborn, but make sure you see your midwife, doctor or health visitor for a check up. As well as giving you peace of mind about any potential issues, it will also flag up any health concerns that might have passed you by.


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