Mama Hug Essentials Boxes


Mama Hug Essentials Boxes


Arrival Essentials



A wonderful gift for a newly delivered mum who needs a good dose of TLC and a few essential extras to help her heal more comfortably.

Bosom Essentials


Mama Hug Better You Magnesium Sensitive Body Spray

Luxury and comforting products to help mums navigate through the first steps of their breastfeeding journey. Soothing, healing and thoughtful.

Sleep Survivor



A little box of luxury to help her feel her best – even if good quality sleep isn’t possible. This box contains a relaxing pillow spray, aromatherapy aids and a box of nighttime herbal tea.

Sleep Essentials



A gift box to help mothers relax and get good quality sleep – even if it’s just for a quick nap. Rest and sleep are essential for healing and well-being post delivery, so help her get some shut-eye.

Caesar Essentials



This selection of luxury products is ideal for C-Section mums. From scar-saving serum to soothing bath flakes, everything is designed to help her heal.

Classic First Trimester Box


Classic First Trimester Box

The Classic First Trimester Box is a beautiful hamper of early pregnancy products that can help new mums through those first tiring weeks when nobody knows your secret except those nearest and dearest.

Classic Second Trimester Box



Our second-trimester Classic box is for that stage in pregnancy when you can really enjoy your exciting journey. Packed with beautiful products to pamper you in all the best ways.

Classic Third Trimester Box



Our Classic third-trimester box is perfect for mamas in the final stages of pregnancy. Treat yourself to products that can help you get a good night’s kip before bub arrives.

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