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Meet The Mama Hug Team

Ever wondered about the faces behind the boxes? Well here we are and it's jolly nice to meet you.

Meet The Team Mama Hug

Catherine Sullivan

Director & Founder

Co-founder Catherine is a mum-of-two whose lasting memory of postpartum is standing in a supermarket aisle wearing ice-packed panties and madly searching for nipple balm. She’s been on a mission ever since, and here we are today…

Meet The Team Mama Hug

Victoria Pratt

Director & Founder

Co-founder Victoria has three little humans, who all arrived in different ways (think emergency C-Section, V-back and cardiac ICU baby). If she’s learned anything about postpartum, it’s to prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.

Meet The Team Mama Hug

Maddie Wagland

Team Assistant

Fabulous since 2000, Maddie is one of the newer members of our team, and helps on all things PR, content and social media. Always on the look out for hot new trends, she’s the go-to person for Live Streams, Instagram Reels and Pinterest.

Meet The Team Mama Hug

Joanna England

Web Manager

Joanna blew us away when she took our scribbles and turned them into the beautiful website you see today. With a serious eye for detail, she continues to inspire us with her innovative ideas and exciting designs.

Meet The Team Mama Hug

Stuart Ashton


With over 15 years of experience, freelance photographer Stuart has worked on both lifestyle shoots for big brands and editorial commissions. He’s also the guy responsible for styling our shoots and bringing our beautiful care kits to life.

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