Birth is beautiful, but it is also messy and in the immediate hours, days and weeks after birth you will experience bleeding much like your normal period, only heavier (much heavier!) Mum Bub Hub Disposable Maternity Pants are an essential piece of kit during time. Super-absorbent and soft, the cotton-like fabric is designed to hug your curves for a smooth and comfortable fit. With an anti-leak side guard, these pants are great for overnight use and allow you to rest comfortably and confidently, without worrying about leakage.

Top Sheet

Polyethylene synthetic fibres similar to garment fabric that is designed to pull fluid away from skin.

Absorbent Core

Absorbent wood cellulose and super absorbent gel pearls to keep fluid inside.

Back Sheet

Breathable polypropylene and polyethylene – film to keep pad protected and convenient to carry.

Mum Bub Hub Disposable Pants come in a box of 3 pairs.

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