This beautiful postpartum soak helps to soothe sore bits and hemorrhoids, as well as slowing bleeding and minimizing swelling. Purposefully blended with key ingredients such as Yarrow, Witch Hazel and Comfrey the herbal infusion can be brewed as a sitz bath, to make postpartum padsicles or refrigerated and used in a peri bottle.

Directions For Use

  • Put your re-useable muslin tea bag (included) with herbs in a shallow bowl with boiling water

  • Steep for approx. 5 minutes

  • Add to the tub

  • Add warm water to cover your hips & buttocks for a sitz bath

  • Alternatively, you can fill up for a full bath

Key ingredients

Yarrow: Boosts circulation/ reduce swelling / antibacterial

Witch Hazel: soothe / heal / reduce pain & swelling

Comfrey: heal / anti-inflammatory

Plantain: tissue regeneration / reduce pain & swelling

Chamomile: soothe / anti-inflammatory

Calendula: heal / soothe

Lavender: calm / soothe


Always check with your health visitor or midwife if you have had a C-Section or vaginal tearing, as the area may need to be kept dry for a period of time post-birth. If you haven’t had either, you can use it right away.

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