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The last few weeks or pregnancy are often a time that you spend nesting, making sure you have everything you need for bub, but don’t forget about yourself!  Being fully prepared for your recovery should be high on your list of priorities, because by taking care of yourself, you’ll be better equipped to take care of baby.  One thing we always recommend at Mama Hug is to stock up on herbal sitz bath for those first few days and weeks postpartum. Not only will a herbal sitz bath speed up healing and reduce inflammation by encouraging circulation, but it will also help you relax and sooth postpartum discomfort from stitches, perineal bruising and hemorrhoids. We caught up with Nyree Adams, co-founder of Mum Bub Hub to talk a bit about their amazing Postpartum Bath Herbs and why it’s a must for new mums.

1) Why is postpartum bath soak a must-have for new mums?

Our postpartum bath soak which is full of herbs that fight inflammation and promote healing in the perineal skin and tissues, is not only a great way to provide comfort for a sore body, but it can also be the perfect opportunity to indulge in a bit of self-care.

2) Does mum need it even if she hasn’t had an episiotomy?

Even if you didn’t tear or have an episiotomy, you will experience some discomfort from all of the stretching and the area will be a bit swollen. Using our Postpartum Bath Herbs can help to soothe the soreness and relax the muscles in the perineum, which can relieve the pain of a tear or episiotomy.  It  is also amazing for hemorrhoids. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids you know how unpleasant and a pain in the a** they can be (literally!).   A quick soak in a shallow bath or sitz bath can help to relieve the discomfort.

3) How do you use it?

Our Postpartum Bath Herbs can be brewed in many ways. It can be added to a bathtub of warm water for a relaxing soak. It can also be brewed and added to a peri bottle to rinse the perineum after using the toilet. Another way is to soak maternity pads with the herbal blend and then freeze them. They can then be used as super-soothing ice packs on swollen tissue.

To read more of Nyree’s tips for postpartum recovery, click here.

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