Classic Trimester Box Subscription

£54.99 every 3 months for 9 months

  • Three trimester boxes
  • Six products in each box
  • Exclusive discounts and deals
  • Free shipping available

When will I receive my trimester boxes?

If you sign up today, your first payment will be taken and your first box will be dispatched within 24 hours . Depending on your selected subscription plan (monthly, every two months or every three months) your remaining boxes will be dispatched to coincide with your scheduled future payments.



If mama-to-be has previously experienced loss, and you want to let her know that her angel baby is also in your thoughts, include a Rainbow Card.


Classic First Trimester Box contains:

Classic Second Trimester Box contains:

Classic Third Trimester Box contains:

Additional information

Delivery and billing

1 month, 2 months, 3 months


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Classic Trimester Box Subscription Mama Hug