Hypnobirthing Affirmation Cards


Super-cute birth affirmation cards

Contains 12 affirmation cards.

Our Birth Affirmation Cards are perfect for encouraging positive thinking towards your birth

For best results read these affirmation cards regularly prior to and during birth. They will also help birth partners find powerful words of encouragement during labour and birth.

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Affirmations include:

  1. I am about to meet my baby
  2. I feel pressure, not pain
  3. Follow baby’s lead
  4. Breathe baby down
  5. I am built for this birth
  6. I trust my body
  7. Each wave brings me closer to my baby
  8. My birth will be beautiful
  9. I can do anything for one minute
  10. I am calm
  11. My body was built for this
  12. I can do this




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Hypnobirthing Affirmation Cards Mama HugHypnobirthing Affirmation Cards Mama Hug