Menopause Survival Kit


Products included:

  • HotTea Mama Take A Pause (15 bags)
  • Nessa Crowing Glory
  • Tisserand Real Calm Discovery Kit
  • Three Happy Thoughts Gratitude Journal
  • Better You Magnesium Sleep Body Lotion
  • Mama Hug Menopause Affirmation Cards

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The Menopause Survival Kit is designed to help women through the perimenopaus, the transition leading up to the menses. This is a period of great change for most women, and can be overwhelming, exhausting and, at times, darn right debilitating. We created the Menopause Survival Kit as a way to support female well being and have included a variety of key products to bring balance and reduce symptoms

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Menopause Survival Kit Mama HugMenopause Survival Kit Mama Hug