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Naydaya Breast Saviour (formerly Nipple SOS)


This relieving pot of lanolin-free balm is lavished with moisture-boosting butters, blended with tropical fruit oils to rejuvenate dry, cracked nipples, and skin.

  • Soothes dry and cracked nipples
  • Provides moisture and helps to heal nipples
  • Soothes dry lips
  • Can be used as a breast pump lubricant
  • Suitable to use as a nappy rash balm

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Boosted by cocoa, coconut and mango butter, each hailed for its ability to nourish even the most sensitive skin.

Additional information

How to use:

Apply liberally to nipples after each feed, or on any dry areas.
Entirely safe for both mother and baby
No need to remove before breastfeeding.

Also great for use on:

Hands, nails, lips, elbows, feet, and any other dry bits
Nappy rash (Its a treat for sore bottoms), or any dry skin your baby may have
Minor rashes on adults, children and babies alike
And as a breast pump lubricant

Key ingredients:

Each pot includes Organic Castor Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Safflower Oil, Candelilla Wax, Organic Camellia Oil and Mango Butter.

Suitable for:

100% Natural, 95% Organic, Vegan Certified, Cruelty & Fragrance Free



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