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The Bosom Buddy – Breastfeeding Hamper


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If mama-to-be has previously experienced loss, and you want to let her know that her angel baby is also in your thoughts, include a Rainbow Card.


Breastfeeding is beautiful, but it can also have its challenges. If you know a mama-to-be or new mum who is planning to breastfeed, gift her the Bosom Buddy postpartum care kit. A wonderful new mum gift hamper, this breastfeeding pamper kit comprises bamboo breast pads, organic breastfeeding tea, delicious lactation cookies, organic maternity pads, nipple balm, breast compresses and access to an online breastfeeding course. Breastfeeding isn’t always as easy as it looks (we’ve been there!) and it can take practice before it becomes an effortless, bonding experience. That’s why the Bosom Buddy is one of the best gifts for a new mum.

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The Bosom Buddy Postpartum Care Kit
A beautiful postpartum care kit filled with items every new mum needs to establish her breastfeeding journey

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Perfect as a baby shower, or 'just home from the hospital' gift.


3 reviews for The Bosom Buddy – Breastfeeding Hamper

  1. Amber Goddard

    POSTPARTUM AND BEYOND- still using products from the box 4 months into my breastfeeding journey!!

    The value for products contained is outstanding and the inclusions are perfect from hospital to home in the following days after birth.

    It is very useful and you can pop the contents straight into your hospital bag so you know that you are fully prepared!!

    I had started drinking the HotTea Mamma “Milks Up” tea about five days before I ended up going into hospital for my surprise induction!
    During this second pregnancy I did extensive reading about ways to ensure my supply was optimum. I must admit I was slightly sceptical about the milky credentials of teas and cookies. But I love both of these things so was thrilled I could try it out for myself. In my opinion increasing my Milk Supply would be an added bonus!

    I genuinely believe the properties of the Milks Up tea boosted my milk supply. It is a powerful, natural mix of rosemary, fennel seeds, star anise, lemon verbena, nettle leaf and possibly the “magic” ingredient fenugreek seeds (although I have seen posts that say that it doesn’t actually effect supply either way!) I was positive that the tea would be a milk making ally So who knows whether it was a placebo?!! I don’t know but all I can say is that the tea was tasty and the tea bag was just so pretty. The tea was the first thing I drank following the birth.
    As for the lactation cookies… pure heaven. I had the batch ready to claw at in my bedside table. Perfect for munching on long, late nights! The hubby pinched a few and there was hell to pay with my wacky hormones. Again, I am not a lactation expert but all I know is that these little bites kept me going during operation Cluster Feed (Days 10-13 postpartum.) It was nice to have an easy to grab treat. Really yummy. Again, no scientist but the mix of oats, brewers yeast and flaxseed is meant to support feeding and “galactagogues” (there’s my Googled science bit!!!) It’s good to know the ingredients selected are so wholesome and no unrefined sugars so you can snack guilt free.
    My personal favourite product that was most useful for me was the Nessa nipple SOS. The company have an ethical/organic/vegan ethos so it’s nice to know you are using a product that has no skin irritants and any animal product so you know it will be safe to use around your precious bundle. Sometimes creams and balms can be claggy or unnecessarily sticky. That is not what you want from your breast cream products as if you are feeding on demand you may need to hydrate and care for you nipples quickly. SOS was definitely the hero of the box for me because it was instantly hydrating once applied to sore, tired nipples. The formula is smooth and buttery and doesn’t have to be removed from the nipples before feeding so you and your baby can both feel comfortable.

    The big brand in the box comes in the form of the Lansinoh Therapearl Hot and Cold Breast Therapy. My personal preference was the hot therapy as I suffered from mastitis (big ouch!) so it was ideal for the terrible pain caused by that and a blocked milk duct! It is advised that the therapearl should only be used for 20 minutes at a time (medical advice!) – though I often used them for longer! It depended on my pain level.
    I loved the bamboo breast pads. They were so comfy and brilliant that they are reusable. Ideal as I used only one pair whilst in hospital 3 days postpartum. A useful tip- Wash before use to increase absorbency!! I didn’t have any leaks using these slimline yet super absorbent pads. I often struggle with breast pads (major leakage) and they do not stay put in my bra. No issues with the bamboo pads. They stay at body temperature when wet unlike disposables that get cold and can cause discomfort- really clever and comfortable product. Big tick for including these pads MamaHug. I probably shouldn’t but I still have three pairs of pads that I still use if I plan on going out for a long day as I know the absorbency won’t let me down and no awkward milk patches.
All in all this lovely box became my breast friend! it is a box that truly improved my breastfeeding experience with thoughtful products that take the extra stress out of a time that you should be enjoying bonding with your baby. If you feel your best, your baby will be happy, in turn you will be happier (a beautiful feedback system.)

    I will always recommend MamaHug boxes to my pregnant friends.

  2. Irene Feeney

    I purchased this box for my sister just before she gave birth to twins and she was thrilled with it! Literally THE most practical and useful gift you can get someone about to have a baby and an ideal baby shower present!
    I also love how you can customise the products to suit the mum-to-be and I found the company a pleasure to deal with and so professional. They even delivered it to Ireland so I was delighted to have such a personalised and special gift for my sister.

  3. Rosemary Langley

    These make great gifts. I ordered one for my niece and she found it very useful. I thoroughly recommend them.

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The Bosom Buddy - Breastfeeding Hamper Mama HugThe Bosom Buddy - Breastfeeding Hamper Mama Hug