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Each of our trimester care kits are designed to help mama-to-be through her pregnancy. When you sign up for our subscription service you will receive three separate care kits, delivered to coincide with each trimester (or a time frame that works for you). Choose from our Classic range, or treat yourself (or a mama-to-be) to a Luxury subscription.

Subscription Packages

Classic Subscription

Subscriptions Mama Hug

Three classic trimester care kits at £54.99 each

Our Classic subscription includes three beautiful care kits, filled with all the essentials mama-to-be needs for trimesters one, two and three.

Luxury Subscription

Subscriptions Mama Hug

Three luxury trimester care kits at £89.99 each

For added pampering, try our Luxury range of trimester care kits. These pack all the essentials and a few extra treats to remind mama-to-be just how special she is.

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